Innova façanes supplies and installs different construction systems, offering a complete integral solution to your projects, from the interior of the building to the exterior.Our scope of work covers from enclosures, divisions and interior finishes (dry partition, ceilings, technical floors, placings, dividing screens…), through the dry wall enclosure (with Aquapanel system), thermal insulation and Acoustic of facade, to the external enclosure with: ventilated facade, curtain wall, windows, lamas, canopies, glass enclosure with U-glas, window trim…All this for new work and for rehabilitation or restoration of buildings, both in public works and private works of any size.Innova façanes collaborates with architects and designers both in the technical part and in the constructive part for the elaboration of their projects.Innova façanes ensures that the facilities comply with the CTE regulations, that the materials have their corresponding quality certificates and that they are installed following the technical guidelines of each manufacturer.Innova façanes uses the most prestigious brands in the market, offering the best guarantee of quality.

Construction Systems

Ventilated FacadeWe supply and install ventilated façade with any type of material of closing: natural stone, ceramic, terracotta, phenolic or synthetic resin panel, composite aluminum panel, smooth or perforated metal sheet, fiber cement… with the possibility of being installed with concealed anchorage or vista .We also make canopies, fixed or adjustable slats, balconies, exterior ceilings with the same material of facade. We can install from the load-bearing structure, to the lining or exterior cladding.Facade Curtain wall, windows, doors, sliding, slats of sun protectionWe supply and install all the modalities of curtain wall, with and without break of thermal bridge, adapting to any facade, with any type of technical solution.We also manufacture and install custom aluminum carpentry: door frames, windows, sliding doors, fixed or adjustable slats in aluminum, glazing… in all types of finishes: anodyne, lacquered…Molded glass enclosure / U-glasWe supply and install all kinds of translucent concrete partitions, both indoors and outdoors, in any of the assembly systems on the market, such as the traditional system (mortar and rod), tabiluz, blockup, modular wood... We specialize in the construction of slabs, vaults and domes based on molded glass tiles, and in the installation of U-glas glass enclosures, in any of their placement systems.Facade insulationWe supply and install facade insulation, either with rigid or semi rigid panel with extruded polystyrene, or soft insulation with mineral fiber coated with black glass fabric and fixed with mechanical elements.Dry wall enclosureWe supply and install dry facade inner enclosure with the Knauf Aquapanel system. This enclosure allows the construction of external walls instead of traditional construction methods, thus making better use of space, reducing the execution time and improving thermal and acoustic insulation.Partition walls, technical floors, cladding and interior placingsWe supply and install divisions, enclosures, claddings and interior placings, such as:

  • Tabs, tiles, ceilings… with laminated plasterboard.
  • Interior coverings and placings with phenolic panel or synthetic resins, sheet metal…
  • Tempholic panel divider for sinks and showers.
  • Self-supporting technical slabs, with 60×60 cm. slabs supported with height adjustable feet and struts for heights greater than 25 cm, with high density agglomerate core or M0 calcium sulphate, with surface finishes in laminate, PVC, linoliums, stoneware, or encapsulated with galvanized sheet steel.

Auctions and crowning of buildingsWe supply and install any type of window finish (gutters, lintels and jambs), finish between facades, finish of expansion joint, crowning of building… to finish and deliver the complete facade, either with the same material of the facade, or made of aluminum, lacquered galvanized steel… permanent.

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